The House of Woo

This is my blog. I make funny words go into it. But afterwards, you, the reader, get to look at them! I have established the House of Woo for the purpose of recording my thoughts or jotting down anything I deem interesting, noteworthy, or jotworthy. If I want something to go in it, it’ll go in when I feel like it. I’m being assertive, see? Making progress already, who would have thought.

I am a high-school(sp?) student. I’m a filthy-fuck internet troll as well as a guy who plays games of the video persuasion for recreational and often nonexistant reasons. Some of my favorites include the Earthbound (or Mother, depending on whether or not you’re autistic) series, Legend of Zelda, or Team Fortress 2 for the PC. I also spend a lot of my time reading different types of comics, more prominently Sam & Max, Watchmen, Homestuck, Scott Pilgrim, etc. etc. But don’t fret. If the italicized titles are scaring you into believing I’m going to be sitting here talking about video games the entire time like that guy who writes Ctrl+Alt+Del who showed his penis to a little girl or something, I’m here to let you know that isn’t the case.

The name “House of Woo” is derived from a scene in Groening’s Futurama found mutually hilarious by a friend and I what shows Bender after becoming an obese humanthing and involuntarily releasing “woo” noises from the dense folds of his dead fat. The House of Woo can also be considered the funniest name what can be contrived for a 19th century gentleman’s brothel.

But really, I’m just sitting here shooting the shit and braving this posh little introduction sequence waiting to start on something actually worth anyone’s while(sp?).

There’s not much to know, and what there is to know shouldn’t be bothered with too much anyways. I won’t insult you just yet by blowing the dust off the box myself, and effectively disallowing you from forming your own opinion on who I am. So let’s give this a hwhirl.

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2 Responses to The House of Woo

  1. The header looks like the Adult Swim logo

  2. Uncle Albert says:

    “Sam & Max, Watchmen, Homestuck, Scott Pilgrim”
    entry level hipster garbage deel w/it ujel

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