Why I Hate the Furry “Fandom”

As many of us can go figure, the more recent “merging” of the internet with society has done for a dramatic shift in our collective culture. Very little do we go anywhere without the sight or mention of a computer of some kind (unless you live in fucking Zimbabwe or something). As a result of this, the internet allows for very specific minorities of people to find each other and expand upon themselves as a group. More often than not, these groups include the central of a common hobby, idea, mindset, or sexual fetish (nobody should be surprised at this point). People have been finding more and more a number of “cultural offshoots” that developed because of this. Subcultures, sub-subcultures, and let’s not forget: the dreaded sub-sub-subculture.

However, if there’s anything among these cultural offshoots I’ve had the opportunity to despise, it would be the furries among all else. For those of you who don’t understand what exactly a furry is, let me put it as best as I can. Thousands upon thousands of people in the world have apparently looked at an animal and gone, “See, I like the animal part, but I’m not quite sold. Can it also be a person at the same time? Like a half man, half animal sort of deal?” As if it weren’t bad enough to be physically attracted to animals, many of them find it necessary to create online animal “personas” of themselves to interact with others who’ve made the same unfortunate decision. Often times these people will obsess over their characters and repeatedly draw them in a number of different ways that many would find unsettling if the idea of it hadn’t been already.

Now, I don’t give a fuck what you’re into as long as you don’t force yourselves upon the unwilling or showcase the fetish for everyone to “admire.” Given this, I can’t say I know of any furries who would go so far as to violate some humble and unsuspecting woodland creatures. But what I do know is that they’re mostly all guilty of the first of my peeves, otherwise I’d have no name for these people to begin with.

I really, really, really do not want to hear about any of their misinterpreted or spontaneous decisions of sexual preference. The last thing on my list of things to do is to be confronted by a group of leprechaun fuckers and their nonexistent league of idols. Every time I’m caught off guard by these things either in person or over the net, I’m constantly reminded of the sexual deviance that lies under the layers of harmless “role-playing.”

I believe it’s right for people to be entitled to freedoms of speech, practice, assembly, blah, blah, and what-have-you. It’s moreso a question of courtesy for whether or not you’re going to make a reoccurring production for myself and others to attend. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t care for any sort of “fursona” or any other article of carbon-copy “artwork” which I’ve had so many opportunities to see. I really don’t have much respect for people who submit to such a stupid “fandom,” and I don’t much desire their company in general. Now thank you and leave it the fuck be.

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27 Responses to Why I Hate the Furry “Fandom”

  1. Delirious Biznasty says:

    That’s a pretty cat

  2. Gleasonator says:

    Welcome to DeviantArt.

  3. Uncle Albert says:

    I agree, being a furry is just….pawful!

    No, but seriously fuck em’.

    • Hyp FURRY says:

      Funny “Uncle Albert” sounds like a name for someone who rapes kids!!!!!!!

      see how I absolutely Know nothing about you but your name. And said bad things about it that’s what you and others are doing to the fandom. so my question is why do you hate the fandom???

      • anti psicopata says:

        OH FUCK OFF WITH THAT RECORICAL CRAP ..you wanna fuck animals and now out of the sudden you don’t want to admite that ? FUCK YOU ..YOU GAY FUCKER. ..you disgrace ..I hope the world creates a ditatorial regime that kills mother fuckers like you once they open their eyes to the horrors that happen on the internet ..like those sick faggots ,inflated fetish ..inpregnated fetish with cunts drawing women with babies ..WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU DUMB ASSES no excuse you all need to die ..you monsters ..you are not even considered a human ..you don’t consider youself a human ..you are not an animal or a human ..you are A MISTAKE !

      • Anonymous says:

        Anti psicopata, maybe you should get off your fucking high horse good sir and listen to someone for once instead of acting like a spoiled child. Honestly. It’s people like you that make me lose faith in humanity. I will try to say this in terms your stunted intelligence will understand. If you don’t understand something then try to learn about it before going off of a half added rant about how people whom are different from you should die because they’re being who they are. I’m sorry honey, but it’s no longer the 1600’s, get with the fucking program and grow up.

  4. Ritsu Senpai says:

    I still don’t know what it is

    • Tim says:

      Oh, thank god, someone NOT horribly misinformed. Furs are merely people who are fans of, or even wish they were animals or humanoid animals. Actually, not horribly misinformed, there is a bit of the M-rated content. You just see it all the time because (sad truth time) sex does sell/make sites more popular and it s often posted more than reg. artwork. And besides, nearly all fandoms/subcultures/whatever-you-want-to-call-its have a sexual aspect. (+, it can’t possibly be worse than regular porn)

      • Kira the Marble Fox says:

        “Normal” people make porn too, so why hate on furries if they make it? not that I’m into that, but there’s no reason to start hating on furries for that…

      • anti psicopata says:

        YOU ARE IN TO THAT KIRA YOU FUCKING LIAR .FUCK YOU ..DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FUCKING RETORICAL CRAP YOU MORON ..that doesn’t even work with me because I DON’T RESPECT THEM IN ANY CASE …I don’t want to respected .the hole world doesn’t respect them ..an since this sub culture shit is not yet so known in the maisntream midia this imbeciles are not a target of THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF CRITICS FROM NORMAL PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD …once they discover those sick ass basters they will be more them fucked by the people who discover how disgusting they are ..and from how many time they went unpunished on the internet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anti psicopata please stop with your close minded thinking and mind you’re own business. These good people have done nothing to harm you and yet you’re going around calling them such rude thins, and on top of that, in a crude manner. You think you’re putting people in their place when in reality you’re just making yourself look uneducated. I’ve said this once and I will again, do some research before going on your poorly put together rants for attention. Maybe instead of trying to make people feel like garbage, you can actually try to get a life.

  5. Mini says:

    I guffawed at “fursona.”

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  7. Patrick says:

    The idea of the fursona is stolen from the idea of a theriotype/furtype, and furry is named after the ROT13 furffu which means sheesh when a thread was posted on the Prodigy BBS, it’s no irony that nerds were into comics and that many comics contained cartoon animals, and since they loved wordplay they called themselves the furrfu and they were a hacker group (everybody was l33t haxor back then) and they ended up calling themselves furs until they finally settled on furry. The first time furry was used in a more public eye was at WesternCon, a sci-fi con, at the current time tentacle porn was a popular thing among sci-fi lovers (yes, I know…) and then for some reason someone thought it was cool to have comics of cartoon animals being molested by tentacles… After a while the idea of furry porn got advertised at more adult venues, and uh, yeah, you can see what happened there. About around that time zoophiles discovered the whole furry idea, too, by then furry was in no way a fandom anymore because it was creating its own content like a genre, then you had the Disney (google the infamous Shawn Keller, yep, Disney is operated and run by furry pedophiles) who was coming up with slightly more cartoon animal characters at the time and this triggered zoophiles and zoophile voyeurists to mass fill the fandom, especially with the developments of the “sparkledog” community, originally starting as 12 year old girls inventing odd colored “fursonas” which later became the stereotypes look of the fursona, of course they got older and they either secretly molested animals or were so in denial just to put their sexual energy into.making “yiff porn” which is a form of furry porn which is a bit more animalistic, but some furries who like the more human-y characters do that, too. Ugh, it got ugly, to think of all the kids on sites like DeviantArt so’ll probably grow up into pro-LGBT”Z” murry purry sexual deviants is disgusting, this is why the internet should be moderated by parents (sadly at the expense of innocent children).
    You can read a bit more about this on other sites such as Furry Dolphin and asking the lulz net chan (who are basically furries who fell out with the drama or are just on that extra level of horse/dogmongling that happens to be illegal in most places). Also what’s a therian? It’s basically someone (often times a furry) who thinks they’re an animal or reincarnate of one, and they are always usually wolves, dogs, horses or dragons, all of which tend to have genitalia considered unusual and kinky throughout the history of the predominately homosexual attraction towards animals (aka, sodomy).

    I mean, hell, I’m an animal lover but I am aware of what kinds of loves to give towards animals.
    Jesus christ…

  8. Patrick says:

    Apologies I meant WesterCon* not WesternCon.

  9. Hyp FURRY says:

    OK, Sure furries make porn and dress up in costume. name 1 fandom that doesn’t have porn. Not saying i’m attracted to the porn.Actually a very small % of furries are ATTRACTED to Anthropomorphic animals Not saying its bad to. and yes the furry fandom is weird but if you think about any thing weird when its new? And The name is not the Furry Fetish there is a fetish in the fandom called Yiff once again only a very very small % of furries are into that. I have only one question for all of you what did the furry fandom do to you for you to hate it this much???

  10. Haven Grey says:

    I skimmed through this and with just the few small parts I’ve read I have to say this is the most idiotic and poorly written piece of garbage I have written all day. No, I’m not a furry for you assholes who are going to accuse me of being a furry since I’m standing up for them. I’m a liberal, and I believe that people should be able to express themselves without fuckers like you people trying to tear them down. How about you get a life instead of trying to make it harder for other.

  11. A lol says:

    Wow. Umm there’s a lot of arguing, I’m just gonna leave right now saying people are expressing themselves and it’s OK to have an opinion

  12. darkk says:

    sweet sweet salt.

    is funny and depressing to see another whiny bitch complaining about furries, even if some of them are doing such good things like…
    raising money to a child hospital?
    at least…
    you didn’t bitched about part of them being gay or not, very well.

    and also yiff isn’t bestiality/zoophilia, cunt.

  13. fudgearoundthecorner says:

    I am a furry, and personally, I wasn’t offended by this. The reason I hate the furry fandom is not because it sounds weird. The real reason I hate it was because on reddit, I asked a hypothetical question about rights. It’s not like any of it was real, but still, they bitched and backlashed. They told me that I was too much of an animal to be a furry and that I disrespected those who were fighting for real rights. Yes, you heard that right. And it was all because they thought I was trying to get “furry rights” for real. I wasn’t. “Furry rights” aren’t even real. I was asking for an opinion on something that hasn’t even been made official, and I got angry opinions because they really believed I was fighting for something that fit non-sexual stereotypes. Still the same hypothetical question that started with “If”. They didn’t read the question through. I am pretty sure that there are furries like me who are probably having the same crisis, being a furry but being hated by the community because you fit (some of) the stereotypes, and I don’t do porn and stuff, but they are ridiculously rude. Don’t suscribe to r/furry because if you really believe you are an animal, they’ll see you as everyone else sees furrys. Such unloyalty. They didn’t even have to comment back if they didn’t agree with that statement(And that statement didn’t even fit with my opinion, so I wasn’t fighting for any of it). This was my question:

    -If furries became a social government group, what rights would you want? *Lists my opinion here*

    Harmless, right?

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