Dream Journal: Kill the King

Recently, I’ve found myself contemplating a good number of dreams that occurred to me while sleeping that I’d wished I’d taken the time to record sooner. This dream in particular, which occurred two nights ago, has been lingering in my mind, as I found it incredibly troubling (so much so that it allows me to recall nearly every detail of it). When I woke up from the whole thing, I felt very lightheaded and irritable (noticeably moreso than usual). These symptoms managed to last out the entire day for reasons that I never cared to piece together. I was motivated in my later playing of the very bizarre LSD: Dream Emulator for PlayStation (emulated of course, and due to its being nearly impossible to get your hands on) as well as in my downloading of its book which catalogs and “records” different dreams that I should go ahead and do so.

It begins, and I believe I am in what appears to be an airport (very flexible, probably wrong about this). I am caught off-guard by a single father and his two daughters who looked to be about nine or ten each, the older one being a bit chubbier than the younger one. The father seemed to be struggling to win the admiration of his daughters in contrast with their mother (who I was to assume had been a more responsible parent until now), and had just purchased a copy of Star Fox 64 to which he’d had no idea how to play but was dying to show it off to them.

He pleaded and then almost begged for me to show his daughters exactly how it was done, and so I did (I felt bad). When I booted it up, it wasn’t Star Fox 64 at all, because I’m playing as Link (bear with me, you’re just as confused as I am). I remember something vague about an overworld map set in the sky to which I am supposed to select the level. I was to understand that I selected the final level and was now pitted against a “final boss.”

All I can recall about this is a narrow-shaped mountain overrun by waterfalls of blood and a pitch-black sky. At the top of the mountain is a large, fetal-looking, fleshy creature with a wide head screaming and seemingly beckoning for me to end him (without the use of words at all, strangely enough). Overrun by pity, I am guiding my character to the top of the winding mountain, dodging a storm of limb-shaped objects along the way. When I reached the peak, the creature was upon me, involuntarily spitting up whatever mucus or acids managed to accumulate within its stomach. In the most badass maneuver I could have ever managed to pull off in such an awful scene, I delivered one clean sweep of my sword and lopped its head off, causing it to snowball its way to the base of the mountain.

This all ends with the daughters congratulating me for showing them how to play (oblivious to the over-the-top violence which just took place). The dad gestures me a “thank you” head-nod and goes about his business. After this occurs a very minor intermission of the dream in which I am answering the phone-call of a person (who will remain nameless) and their cohort (whom I dislike) as they stand at a foggy pier by a lake. As opposed to answering the call, I decide to materialize there instead (very convenient). I don’t exactly remember what happens here, but I have somehow formed a new friendship between their cohort and myself. As a result of this, we leave and abandon the nameless person at the pier (a selfish resolve, really). This is probably mirroring of my own desire to end a more similar, real situation mine.

The next and final chapter of my dream is what I consider to be the “main event.” In this, I have just finished one of my favorite games, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, for the several-th time (I don’t know what it was about Nintendo 64 and The Legend of Zelda that really got me going that night). As it so happens, there have been rumors of a side-quest which occurs after completing the game in which you enter a secret compartment of Hyrule Castle (not that Hyrule Castle is even in Majora’s Mask) in order to find a hidden chamber consisting of four layers (this idea probably came from all the eerie shit that happens in this game; i.e. flatwood monsters).

I have now assumed the position of “kid Link” and find myself at Hyrule Castle (which is apparently a conjoined mess of castle towers in the middle of an ocean). I am joined by an old, rebellious scholar who is dressed in white “temple garments” and also very short (this person alternates between a man and a woman at some points in my dream, but always maintains a head similar to the Marine Biologist). Together, we are searching for the secret door to the chamber whose end-boss is somehow “impossible to defeat” and defies any means of hacking which have been attempted on him by players all over the world. Along the way, the scholar gripes about how people have denied the existence of this chamber as well as the existence of UFOs and aliens (who I assume were again the Flatwood Monsters who, in the game, arrive in an alien-like, omniscient manner from the sky. I always considered those guys to be the peak of strangeness in Majora’s Mask, they fascinated me).

I spotted a tiny door on the side of one of the towers, which looked as if it was meant to be obscured from people. Regardless, we hitched up our things and cautiously entered with our oil-lamps in hand. The scholar explained how there were three (four?) floors to this chamber, each floor in the jurisdiction of its master, the first of which being a “timely sage” (I honestly don’t remember who governed the second floor, though words like “terrapin” and “turtle” come to mind, which for a second sparked the image of a turtle shell with a man-like face and two hefty elephant legs, which may or may not have been what that was).

We proceeded through the darkness, and were almost immediately confronted by the sage (who is actually just a face that looks like Emperor Ganishka from Berserk that is mounted to the two middle pages of a old book and set on top of a table). I don’t remember what he said, but it was generally harmless and unimportant. Also, I feel like we might have taken him along with us because he’d been cooped up there for so long. I’d like to think we did, what an adorable little creature.

The second floor I have little recollection of, but I feel as though I fought something there. The third floor was governed by the “Pyromancer,” who is actually just a stove-looking, thousand-year old torture device huddled up in the corner behind some barred walls. The entire second floor looked a little like a jail-house, and I moved the gate in order to find him. He’d been mounted to the ground, and was generally shaped as if an average person were meant to be fit inside him (to be burned alive, of course). It looked a bit like the entrance structure of Stone Tower Temple, if I remember correctly (though its mouth was gaping open in such a way that it looked like another part of the floor). There were stone faces all around whispering things like, “Even in Hell, he continues to suffer.” In addition to this was a small switch that, when flicked, toggled between what looked like the Pyromancer crying. There was also a large cave in the wall, occupied by numerous jolts of electricity bouncing from one wall to the next, encouraging people to stay out. I decided not to go in there.

We’d arrived to the final floor, which was governed by “The Old King” (the phrase “thousands of years old” comes to mind again) who refused to die despite whatever measures were taken against him. His floor appeared to be more “house-like,” consisting of several rooms and libraries. The scholar went off and investigated on its (ITS) own, while I’d been left to wander the long, winding hallway in search of the king.

This next part is a little embarrassing for me to describe, but it’s important to the story. As I’m wandering the halls, I find a room that catches my eye (this room was placed in such a way that I was somehow understanding that one additional turn would bring me to the end of the hallway and lead me into the king’s domain), because daylight was pouring into it from the outside. I wondered how this entire chamber could remain hidden from the outside world (this is when it occurred to me that the chamber had likely been a long-abandoned part of the castle, in which most things were covered in dust and very old).

Right away I noticed the light had been coming from a small window onto the blue-and-white striped sheets of the bed. However, I was more focused on the fact that there was a large, person shaped bulge under the sheets. I quickly removed them, and found something pretty horrifying. Laying there was the cold, naked, long-dead corpse of a woman who looked like Mamamu Yan with very disproportionate slender arms and legs and a mouth hanging wide-open. At the sight of this, I threw a bit of a tantrum and flipped the woman off the bed and out the window (somehow) and watched as her fat corpse knocked against several of the white-washed structures of the castle and landed somewhere in a courtyard (okay, this was actually pretty funny in my dream).

I was basically done with that, and entered the old king’s room, which resembled the inside of a giant, golden birdcage and was incredibly dark. From across the floor, I felt a rumble and watched as an enormous, dark figure propped itself off the ground. It began to levitate in midair, and allowed for me to judge that it was at least ten times my own height. A very radiant, blue flame appeared on each shoulder, lighting up the room as well as itself. The undead giant donned a suit of armor as well as an enormous cow skull (like those in the desert) in place of its head.

Right away, I merely “felt” why this man was invulnerable to death, and attempted to lift my own horrified self from the floor. At this point, the scholar returns and shouts for me to “escape” and how we’d have to “repeat it all over again if we died” as he fired arrows lit by the same, familiar-looking flame in the direction of the king. Without so much as a flinch, the giant swats the scholar across the room like a bug, and pummels me with his second fist, killing me instantly.

Right away, I am reborn into a “save point” near the electric cave which I’d found in the Pyromancer’s domain. The cave whispers, “You’d only hope to get in here if you dashed like a Pikachu” (no clue). Nonetheless, I transform into a Pikachu and sprint like a motherfucker to the end of the cave. I transform back into myself, and my Pikachu counterpart becomes a separate entity walking beside me. We venture up a large, wide, circular pathway of stairs and find ourselves at the top of one of one of Hyrule’s towers, exposed to the daylight completely.

Atop this tower are two guys who look like beaten-up “jungle explorers” surrounded by a small crowd of Pikachus. All across the floor are black pools of liquid which I am to assume are spots of “Pokémon blood” where Pikachus had been bludgeoned into the ground for reasons unknown. One of these men speaks up and says, “You’ve got it. You’ve got the ‘soft Pikachu’ he’s been searching for all this time.” The man guides us downstairs, and we are confronted by a person who seems to be of royalty and is accompanied by two armored guards. All I remember is that this “royal-looking” fellow was the chancellor of Hyrule, and needed to find a soft-furred Pikachu (aren’t they all?) for reasons that never became clear, because this is where my dream cuts out.

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3 Responses to Dream Journal: Kill the King

  1. Uncle Albert says:

    Can’t let you do that, Star Fox.

    (Also I have to ask, was your pikachu boyfriend free?)

  2. I bet a Rumble Pak is buried somewhere in that desert.

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