Why CBoyardee is Probably My Favorite “YouTuber” of All Time

Sometime during the beginning of this year or the end of last year, my friend shared with me a video by someone of the name “CBoyardee.” The video was part of a series called Bart the General, and was most narrowly famous for a somewhat gruesome scene involving Bart Simpson chucking a brick at Homer’s teeth after yelling “Hey, Homer! Get out of there, ya’ freak!” As I’m writing this out right now, I am reliving the moment when I first saw this, and laughed so hard until I was literally on the ground crying. It was so morbid and out-of-place, I couldn’t believe what had just transpired on my screen. CBoyardee had, all at once, satisfied my fascination for both terrible 90’s-esque computer animations and dark humor.

Dilbert as he fantasizes about E.T. disguised as Marilyn Monroe.

Despite the viewership required for this strange brand of humor, I got the feeling many people wouldn’t be able to appreciate these videos as much as I did. The excessive wrinkles and undulating of the skin that appeared in the characters’ faces became reminiscent of some of the most awful (hilarious) video games (citation needed) to ever appear on the Phillips CD-i console. In addition to this, he seemed to do every voice himself, which, unsurprisingly, added to the merit of these offbeat cartoons. It was at this point that I found it so hard to believe I’d stumbled across a collection of videos that had been practically made for me.

Certain lines from these videos had quickly been made popular amongst a small group of friends. While spending several nights grieving Minecraft, we found ourselves bouncing around quotes like “That’s http://www.nfl.com, just check it out,” “Gotta bulk up for the big game,” or “War criminal, war criminal, war criminal, war criminal, war criminal.” It was so basic and so drawn-out all at once. Due to the nature of the content, we were able to abuse them over and over without the fear of tainting the surface behind any sort of “joke.”

The man himself.

CBoyardee is a known enthusiast of the Shrek movie series. At some point in time, a user had apparently caught his eye with the phrase “Shrek is dreck,” and prompted him to create an angry video response. While he was so obviously not serious about this, a number of people were eventually trolled by his video and managed to form a few responses of their own:

You must be a no lifer faggot who has no friends and trolls and monitors a shrek bored. Get a Life! Grow Up!

BTW, Shrek is Dreck, I have seen the movies, so i am not ignorant or anything? noobasaurus2

Upon noticing this odd turn of events, my friends had bombarded my Formspring with Shrek puns to the point where I’d receive about ten a day and nothing else. CBoyardee’s ability to locate such strange things continued to amuse me.

Out of all the YouTube channels I’d ever taken the time to actually browse (i.e. Angry Video Game Nerd, Barats and Bereta, Mega64), I am 100% certain that nothing has entertained me to the point that this one has. CBoyardee has outdone himself so much that even some of his most obscure, lowest-viewed “favorite videos” managed to provide as much laughter as his own (one of which was an absolutely hilarious video of a Puerto Rican “UFO Hunter” ranting about NASA apparently “withholding” secrets of alien civilization which was, unfortunately, pulled from YouTube by himself. He responded to my questioning of this with:

No, I get alot of troll and bad comments on my videos, insted of people trolling nasa or the goverment they troll me and atack me so no I will no upload it.)

Dilbert 3, a personal favorite of mine. (Very NSFW)

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13 Responses to Why CBoyardee is Probably My Favorite “YouTuber” of All Time

  1. Uncle Albert says:

    Welcome to the Woo hole. You come here to wet your whistle?

  2. stupid says:

    Hi! I am the idiot “C. Boyardee”! My friend linked me to this and I’m pretty blown away!

    I didn’t make Bart the General though. It was made by a group of really talented and funny artists called Famicon. I saw it sometime in 2007 and even though it’s really weird to say this because it is a strange, grotesque thing, it probably changed my life. I have watched Bart the General so many times that it has changed the way my brain processes things. I think it’s really easy to see how much of an influence Bart the General (and all of Famicon’s work!) has had on the stupid garbage I spew.

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  4. wahh says:

    Don’t know why but he made all his videos private sadly

  5. Cecile says:

    Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a forty
    foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views.
    I know this is totally off topic but I had to share
    it with someone!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where can i find oldest trick in the book

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