Smash Bros. for the Game Boy for the PC

Recently, I came across something pretty cool. And by “pretty cool,” I mean just interesting enough to hold my attention for little while. And by “little while,” I mean about a week (just kidding).  It’s a freeware game based on (or rather pretty much fucking exactly like it) the Super Smash Bros. series. Little-known fact about me is that I’m a huge fan of the franchise, and always have been. I’ve kept up with Smash for as long as I can honestly remember. At one point, I even participated in the “competitive” fighting scene. It’s easy for me to consider the placeholder of my favorite “fighting game(s).”

Thy unveiling.

But holy shit I must be boring you. I seriously doubt you clicked this to learn about my endeavor into the world of online competition. It was a dark time in my life, but it’s over now. Only sweet dreams, sweet pea.

Only sweet dreams.

Super Smash Land is a game created by Dan Fornace with a few musicians who composed the music (no shit?) for the game and does NOT feature awful Deviantart OC’s into the mix. And may I say that I really recommend the download. I find it amazing that this person managed to do so much on his own to and train the AI as well as he did. This is probably the first competent Smash-inspired fangame that I’m willing to consider a worthy addition to its name. And believe me, that’s something I would not grant loosely (and just let me reiterate: I really fucking hate Blade. I mean, I’m not going to derail the entire post into something about how stupid (really stupid) of an idea that was, but I can’t help but mention it a second time JUST to prove how stupid I think it is (really really stupid))).
















Fuck the police.

You know what, no. Blade has got to be some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen. Once again, we witness a classic example of obsessive Sonic fans recoloring pictures of pre-existing characters and claiming it as “original content.” I dare you to google “[your name goes here] the hedgehog” and not DIE a little on the inside. Deviantart gives art a bad name and has encouraged for some of the most uninspired people to come forth and blanket the premises in their sheet of mediocrity (which is PROBABLY STAINED WITH PEE).

Please, Mr. McLeod, if I may have some m- ISSHADDUP!!

The idea of this (googles the name) CLEOD-9 crawling out of the woodwork to offer to the public his narcotic-laced gumdrop really gets me. Imagine him, sitting there in the night, slaving away at whatever backwater flash program he got filthy furry paws on and snipping out the crude edges of a Blade sprite-sheet as the hobbled orphans held captive in his closet beg for only the slightest drop of water, only to be met with a quick SLAM against the door with his foot. The worst part is (lol), I seriously doubt many people took the time to point out the shameless self-insert in a desperate attempt to enjoy one of the first functioning (barely) tributes to the Smash Bros. franchise ever conceived. While I don’t exactly keep a log of how many people tried to make such a thing, I can assure you not many were very fruitful with it.

Anyway, this is getting silly. Super Smash Land is an excellently-crafted timekiller worthy of its name. It really gets you in the “mood” to pick up Smash Bros. again and is available for download here and also somewhere else in this article, I think.

Also, I made a quick tutorial for unlocking a hidden character I found very difficult to locate myself (for anyone who might want it). Peace.

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7 Responses to Smash Bros. for the Game Boy for the PC

  1. Justin says:

    The game is pretty cool but loses a lot of it’s potential with less than friendly controls and extremely cheap game play. I’ve only played for a small amount of time, and it is definitely worth a try if you are into the series.

  2. It loses a lot of “it is” potential, huh Mr. 12 on the ACT writing section?

  3. Uncle Albert says:

    bllade. .a .blde.

  4. Monic says:

    Honestly, I think Super Smash Flash 2 is the first really competent Smash fan game. Have you played it yet? That game is near perfection, in fact, if Nintendo made it into a full game it wouldn’t even feel like a black sheep.

    Anyways, I agree with the rest of this review. This is a good game, but honestly, the single attack button thing kind kills it a little for me.

  5. Brian Sutton says:

    Googled my name and “the hedgehog”… I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  6. Kitken says:

    Don’t blame dA for all that crap! Though, I tend to avoid Sonic related stuff (couldn’t really care less about him), so I didn’t even know of all these egh-ish OCs.

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