Gameslave and Gamesmaster

Again, we’re going to review another nutcase on YouTube whose awkward gestures of a “gaming revolution” and other assorted bullshit managed to catch my eye. As you may be able to tell (what?), there are but three things in this world that bring me joy: poorly-made CGI , 90s clipart , and low-viewed/low-rated cult YouTube channels. I believe no one fits the bill for that last part better than this person. And this person’s name is “gamesmasterjasper” (also, for the sake of the article, I will probably be linking several videos in the process. So don’t feel the need to provide yourself with a steady background beforehand).

Jasper spits a very unique game (yeah, you’re about to hear that word a whole fucking lot). He is someone who sits back and creates little “sagas” for himself when no one’s really looking (i.e. the Latinos voicing their outrage for Jasper’s video going over the advantages and disadvantages certain “races” had with games and injecting one of his “delicious pocky” with a “rare Latino poison”). His image dictates that he is some sort of revolutionary fighting for the ever-present “War on Games.” His lasting appeal is that he plays the role of someone attempting to hold themselves high while making asinine claims about gaming, and, well, general society really. He is someone who obsesses over the “integrity” of gaming and original characters (I really don’t know what it is about these fucking maniacs and Homer Simpson. It’s like a marriage or something).

The closest thing we have ever been shown to gamesmasterjasper's face. NOTE: that is not his face.

Above all, Jasper’s biggest “claim to fame” would have to be a phrase which he unveiled in a video indicating that Borat from Borat would be a playable character in the (at the time) up-coming Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The phrase was “Semper Games.” It is supposed to be some sort of play on the military’s saying of “Semper Fi” or, “Semper Fidelis,” which was meant to encourage faith or loyalty in one’s task at hand. Instead, we get Jasper’s “gaming” version of the phrase which, though he never actually even states this, probably means “faith in games” or “always games” according to someone else. Due to the nature of the phrase, it is an almost religious practice to repeatedly go “Semper Games” on his channel or videos.

(Fun fact: this is the third post in a row to contain the word “game” in its title).

I would also like to mention that I saw a phrase pop up yesterday on 4chan’s /co/ message board in a place that had absolutely nothing to do with it. “I guess the coin doesn’t fall too far from the block!” as gamesmasterjasper might say.

A whole 99 subscribers? Woah! Maybe we'll even be treated to a- No, Jasper, you shouldn't have. A Windows Movie Maker blue background and text reel? Why, I couldn't ask for more.

My favorite video of his would have to be the one where he quotes himself for nearly ten minutes (yes, I’m aware that I linked this before at some point. This post is long overdue). Listen to some of the ridiculous shit this guy says. This was actually the first GMJ video I ever saw, and the one that clued me off at the hilarity involving some adult man and “gaming revolutionary” submerging himself in a world that went totally unnoticed (until this day of course).

Twin Galaxies (international video game scorekeeper) commenting to confirm in a video called "RIP Walter Day" that founder, Walter Day, was in fact, not dead.

I also have a theory that gamesmasterjasper is really CBoyardee in disguise (oh, the mystery just fucking deepens, doesn’t it?). Jasper goes out of his way (what way?) to make a video calling out CBoyardee for featuring a black, pot-smoking version of Homer Simpson from The Simpsons (like I said: marriage). Why a lone star would contact another lone star from billions of light years away, I don’t know.

In CBoyardee’s pep talk: part 1 of the big game trilogy (although there never actually was a 2 or 3), the phrase “Dog Chode 69” appears on the wall. At a glance, this chode holds no water. HOWEVER, I managed to find a thread posted in “Salt World” forums titled FORT WEED!!!! SEMPER GAMES!!! started by “Sludgelord” and last edited by “dogchode69,” indicating probably that Sludgelord, at some point, went by that name.

But you probably think I’m fucking crazy at this point, so I think it’s time to end the article while I can. Semper games!

Notice how he touts the GameStop employees as people able to provide him with "ethical and philosophical disagreements."

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11 Responses to Gameslave and Gamesmaster

  1. Anonymous says:

    gamesmasterjasper is a real guy. He’s an important and special gamer and you should be nice to him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Semper Games

  3. Anonymous says:

    el semper games congroo

  4. Anonymous says:

    Semper Games.

  5. Usually I do not read post on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, quite great post.

  6. Anonymous says:

    semper games my friend, semper games

  7. Reality says:


    Wait, wasn’t that the one oldfag whom trked to merge islam with gaming to an utterly insane degree?

    P.S., I’m really astounded at how far that GameGenie-using hack got so far in life, really.

  8. Shiggy says:

    Semperu gamesu.

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